A digital content market

The web is filled with great content. But most creators are getting paid little or nothing for their work.

We're going to change that.

Channels is a place where you can publish content and get paid every time someone views it.

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Web content is diverse: videos, photos, articles, apps, games, and much more.

Post whatever content you want using the card best suited to it.

Set the price someone pays you to view it.

If you have web development skills, create your own card design. And collect royalties if others use it to post their cards.


Most people resist paying for anything on the web today. We're eliminating their excuses.

  • Pay using tokens. When someone taps on your card, they pay you tokens based on the price you set.
  • Don't sign in until you want to. Channels provides each user an initial balance of tokens they use to pay for the cards they view, even before they sign in.
  • Never open your wallet. Channels provides a way for you to earn tokens. As your balance drops, Channels includes promoted cards in your feed. These cards pay you tokens to view them.
  • Taken together, you have almost no reason to resist opening (and paying for) any card that interests you.

    Sell the tokens you earn from publishing anytime and we'll deposit the proceeds into your Paypal account.